Celebrating Authors, One Book At A time.

Be the next best-selling author you know and expand your horizons with our author-led events!

Celebrating Authors, One Book At A time.

“A book is meant to be shared with the world.”

– Sheneda Anderson

Are you an author looking for a way to reach a bigger audience?

YES! Congratulations! You’ve finished your masterpiece! High fives all around! You now have the power to transport your readers to new worlds, opening hearts and minds to new ideas and experiences.


Connect with thousands of authors in person and online to help celebrate your book and inspire and encourage you to create your next book.


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Obtain education on how to become a better author through conversations, online material, educational video conferencing events.

How We Help Writers Succeed

Do you want to turn your writing hobby into a career? If so, you’re in the right place. ShenWrite is a place where authors and their audience can come together. We are constantly working on innovations in the way books are sold and read. Each writer with a membership has a review of books they’ve written on our website. Your audience won’t have any problem finding the rest of your books once they fall in love with your work.

At ShenWrite, we know how hard it is for an independent writer to have a breakthrough and reach an audience that will love their work. Fortunately, our website is the perfect place for audiences to find your books for review and any online free books or chapters you provide. Additionally, we help you get and stay in touch with your audience via live video.

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Our mission is to connect authors with a diverse audience and provide them with a platform to share their ideas and narratives. Whether you’re an author seeking publishing opportunities or a reader in search of engaging books, Shenwrite is here to connect and inspire.

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