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SOfee SOphia discovered her passion for writing plays after attending her first professional stage play “The Wiz” starring Stephanie Mills. She wrote her first stage play in 1990, titled “Amazing Grace”, a fundraiser for her local church she attended in Pontiac, Michigan. Her passion is screen playwriting, acting, and being a drama coach. She has worked with Echelon Theatrical Troop and Orr High School after school theater program, located in Chicago, Illinois. In Atlanta, Georgia she had the pleasure of co-directing and co-producing the stage play titled “Dreams” She has also written, directed, and produced “You Promised Me, Heaven, Why You Givin Me Hell”, “My Momma’s Man”, “Aint No Shakin My Faith”, “What Momma Don’t Know Won’t Hurt’ and many others. SOfee Sophia is currently working on her first book which is a thriller that is expected to be released soon.

Not since “Silence of the Lambs” has there been a more intricate thriller than “Never Say Goodbye.” The mind of George BoJack is a minefield of explosions unwittingly set off by unsuspecting people who cross this serial killer’s path. Can a snapped mind be put back together again?


Email me at: sofeesophia@gmail.com

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