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At ShenWrite, we offer one subscription plan.

Our goal is to provide you with all the tools required to directly sell your book and connect with your community.

Here’s what you can get after subscribing:

VIP Membership

$ 369 Yearly
30 Day - Money Back Guarantee
  • Custom Built Author Landing Page
  • Online Book Store
  • Video Conferencing Tools
  • Book Spotlight opportunity
  • Free admission to SW Events
  • All Upcoming Features
  • Monthly Author Meet Up

If you are interested in hosting a Free ShenWrite Video Conferencing event please fill out the form located under the event hosting request.

VIP Membership

If you’re looking to invest in your writing career, the VIP membership plan is a great option for you. In addition to getting all the perks of the free membership, you also get our SW marketing tools that can help you reach the right audience.

Furthermore, you also get an option to host a book club online, over Zoom. Nowadays, more and more people prefer online book clubs due to their ease of access. At ShenWrite, we can help you connect to your fans via video, where you can discuss your work.

Additional Services

On top of our subscription plans, we also offer various services that can help authors succeed. If you’re wondering, Is there an
affordable way to promote my books?, author commercials may be the right choice for you. You can get a basic, $300 commercial, or opt for the upgraded, $400 one.

Furthermore, we offer interview services. For just $40, you can film an interview where you discuss your latest work. Alternatively, for $50, you can host an interview. For $100, we can also make an audio version of your book.